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The #1 Key to Successful Gig Driving

Many people make money driving with Uber, DoorDash, Instacart and the other gig companies. You can be one of them! It’s relatively easy. And there are many strategies, tips & tricks for maximizing your income. is full of information and great ideas for increasing your profits.

But among all the “tips & tricks” for making more money, there is one overall principle – the #1 key to successful gig driving – which in the long run will get you the most income. It’s rather simple, and everybody can do it:


There you go. There’s the key – the secret sauce – for making money as a gig driver. Because in the end, it boils down to this: Gig driving is all about HELPING PEOPLE.

Of course, you can just take shortcuts which may give you a bit more income in the short term: Always decline or cancel inconvenient orders. Don’t waste time doing anybody any favours. Ignore customer instructions if it inconveniences you. Don’t waste money cleaning your car or providing extras for your passengers. Don’t wait if someone is late. Don’t take time to communicate with a customer if it will slow you down. Cut corners wherever you can.

But in the long run, you will pay a steep price for this way of dealing with people. In the first place, don’t expect many tips. People can tell when you don’t care about them, and they’ll return the favour! But it goes beyond that. There is a mysterious principle here, an amazing secret which thinking drivers have discovered. It’s simply this:

GIVE… and it will be given back to you.
BLESS… and you will be blessed.
HELP… and you will receive help.

We’re talking about a MENTALITY of service. A DEFAULT ATTITUDE of helping people. You may not find a lot of this in the dog-eat-dog business world, where everybody competes to get ahead of others, and they drag down those who succeed. But every human being has the God-given capacity to care for other people. And if you decide to adopt this attitude toward all the people you meet while gig driving, you can expect the rewards to begin flowing naturally in your direction. And sometimes from the most unlikely sources.

So we here at have a challenge for every gig driver across our great nation: GIVE YOUR CUSTOMERS OUTSTANDING SERVICE:

  • Rideshare Drivers: Drive a clean car. Arrive quickly and get your passengers to their destination on time. Make them feel safe. Make them comfortable. Help with their bags. Minimize their walking. Bring out an umbrella if it’s raining. Play quiet background music. Have a phone charger handy. Do a small favour if they request something. Have a good conversation (if they’re in the mood to talk).
  • Meal Deliverers: Deliver promptly. Keep the food warm (or cold). Follow carefully their instructions. Take the food to them instead of leaving it somewhere convenient for you.
  • Grocery Shoppers: Do your best to purchase exactly what they need. Follow carefully their instructions. Communicate well (send little notes). Clarify with them if you are not certain about something. Pack their items nicely in the bags. Deliver promptly.

Authentically serve. Make the customer’s priorities YOUR priorities. Put yourself in their shoes, and ask yourself, “What do they want? What do they need?” Then provide it. Be polite, respectful, friendly & helpful to EVERYBODY. Be genuine. You are serving someone not just to manipulate them to give you a tip… you are serving them because you care about them. “Do unto others as you would like them to do unto you.”

Try it! “Sow, and you shall reap!” If you do, we guarantee 2 wonderful outcomes: (1) Your income will increase; and (2) You will really begin to enjoy your work a whole lot more!

But not only that. The population of Canada will begin to take notice. Coast-to-coast, people will start saying to one another, “Wow! These gig drivers are fantastic! They really offer excellent service! Let’s all begin showing them more gratitude, respect and appreciation!”

The Gig Drivers of Canada Gigapedia information library is packed with great ideas & strategies for successful gig driving – with specific recommendations for all 7 of Canada’s main gig platforms.
The Gig Drivers of Canada Gigapedia information library is packed with great ideas & strategies for successful gig driving – with specific recommendations for all 7 of Canada’s main gig platforms.
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