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Here is a selection of the best tools & resources for gig driving success, as recommended by members. Some of these products are absolutely necessary; others are optional. Each resource has a brief description, and a link to an outside site where you can download or buy the item.

There are 6 categories of tools & resources for gig driving:


This “Tools & Resources” section is in early stages of development. As we gather feedback & recommendations from our readers, the selection will continue growing. Please contribute by leaving a comment at the bottom of this article or by contacting us. Thank you!



QuickBooks Self-Employed AppGig drivers must track expenses & mileage. The QuickBooks Self-Employed app does this automatically. One of the best gig tools. Get 50% off or free trial. This total accounting program will save you LOTS of money at tax time. Highly recommended!


GasBuddyFuel is the gig driver’s biggest expense. A smart gig driver shops around for the best prices, often saving 10 cents/liter – which is a LOT of money over the space of a year. The free GasBuddy app is a gig driver’s best friend. It will quickly help you find the cheapest gas and/or the nearest stations. Start at the GasBuddy Website, and then download the app. Don’t drive another day without it!



Phone HoldersGig drivers absolutely must have a quality phone holder. One that will stay attached to the dash for months or years, and will not break after 1 week. It should be designed so you can easily remove the phone dozens of times during a shift. (Magnetic holders are probably best for this.) Check these popular high-quality models: Teumi essential, Ram high-end, and our favourite APPS2Car magnetic. Go for quality and usefulness!


Dash CamsFor their own protection, more and more drivers are installing digital cameras on their dash or front window. Dash cams serve 2 purposes: (1) Cameras facing the street capture what really happened if you’re involved in an accident; and (2) Cameras facing inside discourage (and record) bad passenger behaviour. Dashcams are a wise investment especially if you drive downtown or in dangerous neighbourhoods. Two of the best models: Blueskysea B2W and Vantrue N2 Pro. Just one incident will convince you how important this is!


Multi-ChargerIf you drive with Uber or Lyft, passengers will often ask for help charging a phone. This is one way to offer great service (and perhaps earn an extra tip). Keep a USB multi-charger cord in your car – one which combines cables for Micro-USB (older phones), USB-C (newer phones) and iPhones. Be sure it’s long enough to reach from your power outlet to the back seat.


Fitbit SmartwatchesGig drivers must stay connected – safely. One of the best ways is with a smartwatch, paired with your smartphone. Know instantly about important incoming messages & notifications. (The watch vibrates and the message displays on the screen.) Also, get instant information through the built-in Alexa. Track physical activity (e.g. footsteps) to reach your fitness goals. Monitor your heart rate. Plus many other useful functions. And of course, it also tells you the time! Best-selling models: The Versa 2, Versa 3, and top-of-the-line Sense. An extremely useful tool for the serious gig driver!


Back Support CushionHaving a good lumbar support cushion can increase your driving comfort and help you stay out on the road for longer hours. Made of breathable memory foam with a removable cover, this cushion is designed to not only reduce fatigue but also to maintain a constant temperature.


Tsumbay Car VacuumA handheld vacuum often comes in very handy for gig workers – especially if you drive passengers, because it’s important to always keep the back seat area clean. This popular Tsumbay vacuum has everything you need. It sucks up both wet and dry. It has multiple nozzles, a long cord, and a carrying bag. And it runs off your car’s power. Always keep this in your trunk, because you will need it quite often!


Roadside Emergency KitBe prepared for incidents, dangers, surprises and opportunities to help others. A well-equipped roadside emergency kit, like this popular Performance Tool kit, has everything you need: Jumper cables; tow rope; first aid kit; high-power flashlight; tools; and other useful items. Everything fits in a compact zippered case with a reflective triangle. Always keep this in your trunk. Hopefully you won’t need it very often – but when you do, you will be VERY glad it’s there!


Tip BoxIf you drive passengers with Uber or Lyft, there is no shame in subtly placing a tip box between your front seats facing the back. Add a friendly sign if you want. Don’t be surprised if there is some extra well-deserved cash in the box at the end of your shift. And it may also motivate some passengers to tip you through the app at the end of the ride. There is no harm in trying!


The Source ElectronicsGig drivers are smart high-tech entrepreneurs, using electronics & technology to help them make money. To get the latest and best high-tech gear, go right to The Source – one of Canada’s best-recognized electronics suppliers for almost 50 years. Their online store has everything – phones, smartwatches, earphones, laptops, routers – you name it. They have frequent sales & special deals, plus a good selection of low-priced clearance items & refurbished computers. The Source has a special tie-up with Bell, so Bell/Virgin/Lucky gig customers might want to go and see what’s available.



Fido MobileMany companies offer mobile service (and phones). Fido is one of the best, for 2 reasons: (1) They operate on Rogers’ robust nationwide 4G LTE network. High-speed data is available anywhere your gig driving takes you. (2) They have great rates for voice/SMS/data, and great deals on phones. Bonus: Fido is offering a free month of service for new accounts. We recommend you compare Fido to your current plan. (If you switch, you can still keep your same phone number.) Reliable high-speed data is an absolute essential for all gig drivers. Fido can help you with this!



Fido MobileHaving great music, all the time, everywhere (commercial-free!) is a major benefit to gig driving. Satellite radio from SiriusXM is the solution – and it’s worth every penny. Good radio has 2 strategic benefits: (1) If you drive customers, they really appreciate nice commercial-free background music (and you can expect extra tips!) (2) If you deliver meals or groceries, playing your favourite music (as loud as you want!) really makes the work more enjoyable. SiriusXM streams hundreds of high-quality channels – every kind of music, as well as lots of news & information. Subscribe for only $5/month. You will be glad you did!



Disinfecting SuppliesStay safe – and keep your customers safe too. Always have plenty of disinfecting supplies with you, and use them constantly. Clorox Disinfecting Wipes. Lysol Cleaner. Hand Sanitizer. Whatever it takes. Amazon is a great source, because of their low prices + fast delivery. Stay safe out there!



Audiobooks by AudibleIf your gig driving involves many hours alone in your car, make the most of your time by listening to high-quality “audiobooks”. Audible is your best source, with hundreds of thousands of books available through the excellent Audible app, including best-sellers in every category. Try Audible for free. With Audible, you can enrich your mind and educate yourself at the very same time as you are out on the road making money. Now that’s a smart thing to do!

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